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The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday in favor of a preliminary proposal that could allow Internet "fast lanes."Under the proposed rules, Internet providers would be allowed to charge companies like Netflix in exchange for delivering content to customers at faster speeds.The proposed set of rules center on "net neutrality," the question of whether Internet providers should have to treat all online traffic equally.The debate "isn't whether the Internet should be open, but how and when we should have rules in place," FCC chairman Tom Wheeler said at the vote on Thursday.That "how" is the center of the heated debate between content creators and broadband Internet providers, as well as Democrats and Republicans.Wheeler has insisted that he won't allow anyone to "divide the Internet between 'haves' and 'have nots.'" His plan won't let providers block content or make it extremely slow -- or otherwise "act in a commercially unreasonable manner."The FCC will seek public comment on the full proposal, which has not yet been posted, for 120 days. The commission has said it is considering two main options.


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